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She hardly glanced at the pretty village, or at the swelling dome snow that was its chief lion her eyes essay writing service alwa travelled back Mont Joli had the strongest attraction for her, this daring little peak, which the abruptness was daintily softened the summer clouds floating like a banner from its summit Mr. Bradford presently, peeping pre-written term papers for sale from his window, found his daughter's intent countenance more engaging than the scenery without You were right in one thing, at all events, love, said, fastening the last button an immaculate white waistcoat, and turning his wife, who was still busied with pins and ribbons.

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Our Violet as fresh and unspoiled as when she was tearing about the shrubberies with her hair down her back, before she went schooL I used fear she would come back full foreign affectadons. The lady shook her head with a slow smile conscious superiority, mingled with maternal pride. I knew there was no fear that, fisr I had studied her character, and the result has fulfilled expectations. An only child, educated entirely at home, runs great risk growing awkwardly shy, or hoydenish. Now Violet has gained some little knowledge the world without losing her girlishness. I confess that her personal appearance a welcome surprise, for at one time she seemed likely become a whity-brown girl.

Thereupon Mr.

Bradford gallantly called his wife's past charms witness against Violet ever having incurred that risk and certainly the glowing cheeks and tender hazel eyes the fair-haired girl in the balcony would have made impossible for her worst enemy style Ik those days St Gri goire was still a very primitive little place. There were two or three hotels a modest little Pension the brink the gorge a few cottages, a cobbler's and a carpenter's shop then an open space sloping cornfields brocaded with poppies and cornflowers a rough bowling ground a few mote houses, including a shop where everything was had, from sugar alpenstocks, from fustian photographs a picturesque liltle Place in front the hospital, with a fountain in the centre surmounted a cactus trained into the shape a goblet and starred with crimson blossoms.

There was the priest's house, too, an ambitious and dreary looking habitation and at the upper end the Place, where the sleep road turned, there was a straggling convent building, from whose upper windows while-coifed sisters sometimes looked down, and shrill child voices could heard reciting their daily tasks.

More cottages straggled down the ravine behind the post-ofRce one side and paved lanes the other, and the carved roofs a few ornamental chAlels belonging well-to-do residents peeped out among the broad walnut leaves the moimtain side below the spurs and wedges pine woods.

On Sundays the little square, chiefly tenanted during the week romping children and ancient women, was crowded with loungers. There was much rattling bowls round the corner, much chatter in the wineshops carts full country folk drove in from the neighbouring hamlets sometimes a showy stall muslins and fluttering ribbons would suddenly start and, after driving a brisk trade in these vanities for a few hours, as suddenly collapse and seen no more. A screechy brass band would parade the road and execute time-worn pieces in front the hotels. Sometimes, too, carriage-loads fashionable people from the Baths would drive the breezy village like fishes coining the surface breathe, Violet said and more than once a purple-clad custom essay meister prelate, who made a fine effect colour in the sunshine, was seen crossing the Place in the direction the convent, escorted a bevy ocked attendants. Thus will seen that St Gr goire was free from the bustle and racket Mrs. Bradford disliked much in many Continental resorts, while as for the inmates the hotels they were for the most part quiet family folks and elderly ladies, whose wildest dissipation appeared consist in sitting under the ground floor verandah placidly enjoying the fresh air with the aid a little conversation This was as should In Mrs. Bradford's mind propriety and dulness were inseparable. Not that she called dulness, for well-regulated nursing thesis minds were never dull rather dignified seclusion befitting people who could chose their own society when at home. Was there not the chaplain for her husband talk with, should crave for male intercourse ? And as for herself and Violet, they found pleasure enough in their long morning rambles through the woods or in the romantic glen the old bridge, or among the upland pastures above, where one could enjoy the sight peaks and glaciers and glittering snow-fields, seated under a shady tree, with sweet bird voices twittering around saucy, yellow-crested things, hopping hither and thither with airy confidence, almost in reach one's hand and soothed a continuous hum insect life in the And as the weather was still too warm for any prolonged excursions, the afternoon hours were generally passed in their little sitting-room, which, what with books and flowers, papers and workbaskets, wore quite a home air, and where mother and daughter would read aloud from some improving volume an accompaniment gentle snores from papa in his armchair. It was all very pleasant, course, and Violet found plenty making feeble little sketches, pressing wild flowers, and picking wild strawberries, but at odd moments she would find herself thinking very etfully the bustling school life and the merry companions she had left at Geneva. For though was very sweet always with her mother, and conversation seldom flagged between them, still she was shy confiding her the gay girlish fancies and romantic imaginings that bubbled in her brain during their staid wanderings over hill and dale How could she break in Mrs. Bradford's quiet, serious talk dissertations online with the bright nonsense that she would have poured into a younger ear? The improving books, too, were uphill work.