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There does not seem anything in call forth the extreme measure admiration the Khaleefeh.

The moral conveyed in its conclusion, that greediness and indifference the results an undertaking lead destruction, sufficiently commonplace. It frequently insisted in sop, for instance, in the fable The Weasel and the Fox. A mouse and a weasel runs the tale came one day the house a poor village farmer.

An intimate friend the farmer had fallen sick, and had been recommended his physician take peeled sesame as a specific for buy a pre written research paper his cure.

Having got a quantity this grain from one his companions, gave the farmer peel for him, who, in his turn, gave his wife, who soaked spread out the sun, dried and got ready for the sick man.

The weasel in the mean time kept an the sesame, and, as soon as she saw in condition, carried off her hole, after a good day's work, the greater part In the evening the woman came, and, being siuprised at the diminution her stock, resolved sit and watch how went The weasel, returning for some more booty, spied the woman in wait, and gan reasoning with herself thus This matter like have loathsome fesults I very much fear this woman the look-out for and who regards not results has not fortune friend Now I something excellent show innocence, and wash out thereby all that I have committed guilt With this she set removing the sesame from her own house the heap in front the woman, who, observing this proceeding, said This weasel surely none the thief, but she bringing back the booty from the hole her who stole and conferring a kindness upon the restoration our grain, and may good return the doer thereof. Howbeit, I will stay here, and watch for the real culprit Now, the weasel was well aware what passed in the woman's heart, made for the mouse and cried out her, Of little profit are they who have no legard the rights neighbourhood, and remain not steadfast in their goodwill.

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That replied the mouse, and good luck, friend, have you for a neighbour but whither tends your speech ? Said the weasel, The master this house has brought here some sesame, and and his family have eaten their fill and left in abundance. So, since they have become sick you are more deserving than they.

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This advice delighted the mouse, who laughed lightly, and leapt about, and pricked her ears, and cocked her tail, her desire the sesame deceiving help with essay papers her.

So she ftrose at once and left her house, and saw the sesame ready dried best resume writing services and peeled, shining like a white fiame but the woman sat Watching.

Now, the mouse was one those that regard not consequences. The woman had provided herself with a short stick, but the mouse could not control herself from dashing at the sesame, and devouting upon which the woman smote her with the stick and smashed her head, and her greediness was the cause her dissolution.

In this apologue, the excitement the mouse hearing the grain, and the reflections the weasel seeing the good woman the house, are described with picturesque minuteness and extreme skill but the real moral the tale far from being conducive the ethical amelioration mankind. It indeed, the same as that Coethe's Reineke Fuchs, which called his WeltbiheL It represents the advantage clever fraud over simple honesty. And, a truth, the good man has but little chance in this world against the rogue, and none at all if the latter adroit while the former a fool. The mouse was not greedy she simply intended gratify a natural appe tite, which more than can said the weasel, whose taste was decidedly depraved. Moreover, the mouse seems have acted in all honesty conviction. She met with an untimely fate but the weasel, who deserved a double punishment for her theft and the base betrayal her friend escaped scot free with the greater part tho As if counteract the possible dissertation writing service ill-effect The Mouse and the Weasel this story immediately succeeded that The Crow and the Cat These two lived united in brotherly love, but one day, while they were taking their siesta under a tree, almost ere they perceived a leopard was within a few paces them. The crow flew off at once the tree's top, but the cat was at his wits end. Alas I friend, cried the crow, have you never a trick now serve this turn? Upon which the crow began comment custom papers for college the advantages true friendship and even went far as recite verses the subject This, the reader will suppose, was scarcely a suitable time appeal the caf poetic taste but the leopard, as will seen in the sequel, report writing services was, very luckily for the cat, an animal a lethargic disposition, and made no hasty advances. Now, not far off were some shepherds with their dogs the crow, descending from the tree, came them, and lifted his voice and cawed. It even stated that, in the zeal friend ship, struck the face one the dogs, who must supposed have been asleep, with his wing. Up got dogs and shepherds in pursuit the crow, who went hopping before them till came the tree, when the dogs with one accord sprang upon the leopard.