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Then the impudent frog would send every morning and ask them how they felt without their tails, much the amusement the bear, who used listen and shake her fat sides with laughter at the joke.

As the frog had likewise lost its tail in the process becoming a frog from a tadpole may see in this the particular Totemic type the Kickapoos that lost their tails. The tail or hinder part naturally a Mother-Totem. The tail the lioness carried his head the Mother-Totem Shu.

The Egyptian kings were men with tails.

They wore the tails the lioness and the cow, which were two forms or zootypes the mythical mother, Neith the Milch Cow earlier, Apt, the Water Cow and Tefnut, the Lioness. Here the tails the lioness and cow were worn the human lion or bull who at one time sported his MotherTotem in the shape the typical animal's tail.

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Various tribes the Upper Nile are the wearers artificial tails made hair, straw, or fibre hemp, in place the earlier skin.

On grand occasions the Egyptian judges and other dignitaries wore the tails jackals made horsehair.

In Egyptian symbolism the jackal represents the judge and the tail horsehair still survives with as the queue the judge's wig. The fox in Europe took the place the jackal as the zootype the lawyer, and this need help to write a research paper preserves the character Anup, the jackal, as the sign council and cunning or wiseness the part those who wear fur, or the later silk.

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One supreme and primary object Totemism was the preservation the Mother-blood in aboriginal purity.

This gave priority and unparalleled importance maternal Totems like those the Serpent and Vulture the Mother which were symbols royal and divine maternity in Egypt. The most profoundly primitive all the ancient mysteries was that the Mother-blood. At the same time was the most cheapest article writing service profoundly natural.

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By this mystery was demonstrated that blood was the basis womanhood, motherhood, childhood, and in short, human existence. Hence the preciousness the Mother-blood. Hence the customs instituted for its preservation and the purity racial descent. Only the mother could originate and preserve the nobility lineage or royalty race. And the old dark race in general has not yet outlived the sanctity the Motherblood which was primordial, or the tabu-laws which were first made statutable means the Mother's Totem. In the Egyptian phd no thesis system representation there are Seven Souls Totemism, Tattoo and Fetishism or life-forces recognized in nature. Six these were pre-human, elemental powers, born the primary Great Mother when there was as yet no human soul distinguished from the six that were the souls, such as light, or air, earth, or water, and animal or vegetable life. The seventh dissertation writers uk soul alone was human. This was the soul blood brought forth a Goddess in the human likeness. The earliest soul considered human, the soul that was made flesh in the ChildHorus, was born the Mother-blood, the blood paper writing services reviews Isis, and, as such, was distinguished from the earlier elemental quoting and paraphrasing powers, otherwise the six Totemic and pre-human souls.