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Paraphrasing strategies

So the Animals and Birds the powers the hippopotamus, crocodile, serpent, hawk, lion, jackal, and Ape were superhuman, and therefore they were adopted as zootypes and as primary representatives the superhuman Powers the Elements.

They were adopted as primitive Ideographs. They were adopted for use and consciously stamped for their representative value, not ignorantly worshipped and thus they became the coins as were in the current medium exchange for the expression primitive thought or Sign-language includes the gesture-signs which the mysteries were danced or otherwise dramatized in Africa the Pygmies and Bushmen in Totemism, in Fetishism, and in hieroglyphic symbols very little which language has been read those who are continually treading water in the shallows the subject without ever touching bottom or attaining foothold in the depths. It means sign-language technical writer that the Egyptian wisdom keeps the records the pre-historic past.

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The Egyptian hieroglyphics show the connection betwixt words and things, also betwixt sounds and words, in a very primitive range human thought. There no other such a record known in all the world.

They consist largely human gesture-signs and the sounds first made animals, such as for the goat, meaou for the cat, for the goose, and for the Cerastes snake. But the Kamite representation means signlanguage had begun in inner Africa before the talking animals, birds, and reptiles had been translated into the forms gods and goddesses the dwellers in the valley the Nile. The living ideographs or zootypes were primary, can someone write my essay and can traced their original habitat and home, and nowhere else upon the surface our earth. The cow the waters there represented the earth-Mother as the great bringerforth life before she was divinised as Apt the goddess in human guise, with the head a hippopotamus. The overseeing Giraffe or was the Okapi? Sut, the hawk Horus, the KafApe Taht-Aan, the white Vulture Neith, the Jackal Anup, and fifty others were pre-extant as the talking animals before they were delineated in semi-human guise as gods and goddesses or elemental powers thus figured forth in the form birds and beasts or fish and reptiles. The zootypes were extant in nature as figures ready-modelled, pictures ready-made, hieroglyphics and ideographs that buy sociology research paper moved about alive pictures that were earlier than painting, statues coursework writing help that preceded sculpture, living nature-types that were employed when there were no others known art. Certain primordial types originated in the old dark land Africa. These were perfected in Egypt and thence dispersed about the world. Amongst them the Earth as solid ground amidst the water surrounding space, or as the bringer-forth life, depicted as a Water-Cow possibly the Cow Kintu in Uganda the Dragon Darkness or other wide-jawed Swallower the Light that rose from the Abyss and coiled about the Mount Earth at night as the Devourer the evergreen Tree Dawn pre-eminently African that rises the essay editing software horizon, or upon the cheap term paper help Mount Earth, from out the waters Space the opposing Elemental Powers beginning with the Twins Light and Darkness who fought in Earth and Heaven and the Nether World the Great Earth-Mother the Nature-powers the Seven Children her womb, and various other types that are one in origin and worldwide in their range.

Paraphrasing a sentence

Paraphrasing strategies

When the help with master thesis solar force was yet uncomprehended, the sinking Sun could imaged naturally enough the help on research paper Beetle boring its way down through the earth, or the Tortoise that buried itself in the soil also the Crocodile making its passage through the waters, or the Golden Hawk that soared through the air.

This was representing phenomena in external nature the ground likeness when could not imaged directly means words.

When held, as in Australia, that the Lizard first divided the sexes and that was also the author marriage, have ascertain essay writing service legit what the Lizard signified in sign-language, and when find that, like the serpent or the Frog, denoted the female period, see how distinguished or divided the sexes and in what sense authorised or was the author Totemic Marriage, because its being a sign or symbol feminine pubescence. It said the Amazulu, that when old Women pass away they take the form a kind Lizard. This can only interpreted knowing the ideographic value in the primitive system Sign-Language in which the Lizard was a zootype. The Lizard appeared at puberty, but disappeared at the turn life, and with the Old Women went the disappearing Lizard. The Frog which transformed from the tadpole condition was another Ideograph female pubescence. need help writing a thesis This may illustrated a story that was told some time since Miss Werner in the Contemporary Review which contains a specimen primitive thought and its mode expression in perfect survival. It happened that a native girl at Blantyre Mission was called her mistress, a missionary's wife, come and take charge the baby. Her reply was, Nchafuleni not there she turned into a frog.