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At least, fancied for a moment that saw between him and the water a white face, which flashed ghostlike out the dark waves and then was gone. Clement was sure that someone had fallen overboard, and had been swept Ly the rush the water far away stern.

He did not lose a moment in acting the thought He shouted with all his might, Man overboard ! and plunged into the steamer's foaming track.

Pay for a philosophy paper

The cry was echoed, and in a moment there were hurrying men the deck, and the passengers who lay below in their berths, or still sat in their state-rooms or in the saloon and talked, were conscious that strange essay services reviews alarming sensation which comes when the ocean a steamer suddenly stops in her course.

The engines are silent, the screw grinds and chums no more, the waters cease rush noisily around the bows, and the vessel motionless.

Few sensations are more strange the inexperienced research and writing services than the awful stillness such a moment The sudden change from speed motionlessness thesis service brings with ominous suggestions some danger, some impending calamity. The vessel was admirably ordered, and not many seconds had passed before a boat was lowered, and made the assistance the struggling Clement, Clement was a stout swimmer. In the seaport where was brought boys learned what real swimming means. The night was calm. He had keen sight He had leaped into the sea ihe very moment saw what fancied the drowning man.

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He was borne along the vessel's track in exactly the same direction. The moon was bright the sky was clear but could see nothing the surface the water between him and the dim horizon. When saw what believed a face rise from the waves, was just in the moonlight, and had struck i will pay you to write my paper out straight in the right direction, but could see nothing now nothing at all.

For all the bitter chill the sea and how cruelly cold was ! Clement trod water composedly, and looked all around him.

He could see that the steamer had stayed in her course, and heard commands shouted, and knew that a boat was being launched.

In another moment or two saw the boat rowing towards him, and heard the cheers the sailors.

help writing a dissertation For a moment fancied that they had found the man whom Clement still supposed in the sea. But in another instant was dear that custom made essays they were making only for him Clement and were under the impression that alone was overboard. They redoubled their cheers good-naturedly when they came with him, and when scrambled into the boat, and were very noisily glad his rescue. It took some time before could impress upon them the fact that had been in no manner danger, that had leapt overboard save somebody who really was in peril, and whom order custom essays online they were bound seek and rescue. They one and all treated his story as a mere delusion. The watch was clear that there was oxAy one man overboard, and if had jumped overboard under the impression that was rescuing anybody, was, they rather seemed imply, a fool for his pains. law school essay review service writing custom essays Anyhow, no sight or sound any swimmer in his agony vexed the quiet sea now. Clement was brouglu back board the steamer in rather ignominious plight. He had been dreaming, some the passengers said.