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It more fusible than ordinary steel, and far more fusible than iron. It excessively hard and brittle, but not temperable help writing research papers like steel. When melted at a temperatiure at which iron quite infusible, capable dissolving this infusible iron, and thus Now, what likely happen when such a mixture two substances having such varying fusibilities cooled a temperature below the solidifying point one and above that the It evident that at a certain write my essay for money temperature one must still fluid while the other striving solidify. If the cooling beyond this goes slowly, the molecular conflict will have time settle itself but if the cooling suddenly effected, there must a molecular strain, due the inequality contraction the solid and the liquid portions the mixture, the internal fluid movements necessary for the adjustment this irregular contraction the different parts the substance being arrested the sudden solidification the whole.

We should thus have a solid with its different parts pulling against each other and set in rigid grasp, or a state in which the opposite character and fluidity or mobility particles would excessively developed.

This would excessive solidity or hardness This molecular strain must still more severe in the case a substance which goes contracting as approaches the temperature solidificatiou, and then suddenly expands as assumes solidity. Repeating would relax this mutual grasp particles in proportion the development that viscosity which one the characteristics heated iron.

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This metal does not suddenly pass from the solid the liquid state at a certain fixed temperature, but gradually becomes soft and pasty before becoming fluid.

Hence its weldability. It just as this welding buy a research paper for college heat approached that steel may hardened quenching, or fully softened slow cooling. Evidence this molecular strain need help with essay afforded the fact that a given piece steel, if suddenly cooled and hardened, has a lazger bulk than had when soft and if the hardened steel now reheated and cooled slowly, returns its former dimensions. If I right, other mixtures metals different fusibilities should have greater hardness than their separated constituents.

This the case.

Brass somewhat harder than either copper or zinc, the zinc being somewhat more fusible than thesis writing practice copper. But if copper alloyed with a still more fusible metal, tin, the mixture bellr metal far harder than brass, though tin much softer than zinc. In like manner melt together gold and copper obtain an alloy harder than either, and our silver coins are harder than either pure silver or pure copper. Pewter, type metal, and a multitude other alloys might added as further illustrations. Glass may hardened, softened, and tempered like steel, and glass has a composition analogous that which I attribute steel, silica dissolved in far more fusible silicates, which are true chemical compounds, like the carbide iron that I regard as the GARDENERS differ in opinion respecting the policy soaking seeds before sowing them.

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Some careful experiments have been made Kraus, and an abstract his results published in the May number the Journal the Chemical Society. lie found that seeds steeped for twenty-four hours before sowing sprouted earliest but if dried after soaking, they sprouted later than normal seed also that the prepared seeds grow most rapidly, and continue grow longer than the unprepared. Plants grown from soaked seed were found the most fertile, and those which had been dried after soaking were more than the unprepared seeds. I THINK most i need help writing an apa paper people will agree with that the increased attention now being given flower cultivation, and especially window-gardening in towns, likely prove a source popular culture no mean power. There hardly a rural parish nowadays which does not possess its annual flower-show, where the gaudy pelargonium finds itself in company with the big cabbage, or where the queer orchid fraternises with the monstrous pear, or the halfdozen exuberantly big potatoes. Working men, and working men's wives likewise, are beginning take an interest in flower-culture, that argues strongly in favour the love nature as an agency culture. Boys and girls likewise begin grow flowers, and exhibit their produce at flower-shows, striving thus in friendly harmony in what I suppose the Esthetic School would call the culture the beautiful.