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In the morning the boat cruises round see how the nets have fared and secure the game. The dead dugong subjected the indignity having a slit cut through its nose, and a rope inserted through the nostrils, wherewith tow ashore a very easy contrivance, which the shape the object readily accommodates itself. The dugongs that are found alive in their captivity struggle desperately.

As a rule, they are as harmless as vegetarians are usually supposed the only known breakers the peace being a couple bulls fighting over a sweetheart, or a frantic mother maddened danger her offspring.

Nevertheless, although the dugong nature mild-mannered, and innocent the wiles which a Greenland whale sends a boat spinning in the air with all hands, the men prefer give the netted individual a wide berth. Nor would the correct thing slaughter the ground, lest the blood should attract a legion sanguinary sharks, whose attacks would cause a speedy loss the booty. The dugong, still floundering, therefore hauled ashore, and a long knife applied the throat puts an end its In the early days the fishery the dugong was taken the more exciting method harpooning, and the Wide Bay grounds, farther north, the system yet partially obtains for the sake the sport.

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The blacks are very fond this, and prove wonderfully expert in finding and striking the dugong. The extreme shyness the beast adds the difficulty, while gives zest the pursuit and woe betide the native who dares utter a sound, or handle clumsily the muffled oars, while the harpoonist stands like a black statue in the bows, directing, a movement imperceptible other than savage eyes, the course taken. Unerring as time and force the harpoon, and away rushes the boat, dragged the swift-moving dugong along a crimson track. The pace slackens all in good time, and rarely does the victim escape.

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This a modified form whahng but as the practice drives away the dugong, discoun tenanced every possible means.

In waters like these, inhabited divers cxeatmes unknown in temperate climes, the dugong-hunter sometimes meets with strange net-fellows. In our passage across the bay the previous evening the falling wind prevented the yacht reaching her anchorage before dusk, and the boys were deputed keep sounding. essay cheap The lead, hurled well ahead, at one cast ratded what sounded like the lid a coHin, but what where can i buy research papers online was in reality the convex armour-plate a gigantic turtle, that no doubt went down as much alarmed as the youth, who fancied that were running dead upon the rocks. The turtle, however, a harmless intruder.

Five days ago our Stradbroke friends found in the nets the makings a fine dugong, one-third which had been eaten sharks. They must have attacked the proquest thesis search carcass in a swarm, each retiring academic writing help centre apa style with a mouthful, and charging anew for another.

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The water was in a perpetual swirl when the boat approached, and the sharks cruised around, and eagerly followed the remnant as was being customized essays towed ashore. One shark, bolder than his comrades, was not frightened, and a black-fellow, entering into the spirit the game, took the shark hook and chain out the locker, put a bait, and cast forth. The shark took instanter, was firmly hooked, and towed ashore alongside the mutilated dugong. Its liver was said weigh, and have produced gallons oil, which was sold for lubricating machinery. Ninety five pounds strikes one as a tolerable weight for one set liver, but that was the assertion made and sworn witnesses. The curing-houses at Stradbroke were ornamented high and low with such curiosities as saw fish and stinging rays, and there was a stuffed hammer-headed shark that had been taken out the dugong nets, thirteen feet long, and three feet six inches across the head. With regard dugong fishing or hunting as an industry, an obvious question arises Has after this long experience, grown into a profitable business ? And the reply must a quaHfied negative.