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The voyage doctor and Clement had reached this later stage.

Another day or two would see the steamer in New York Bay. The time had passed very quickly with Clement It had passed almost too quickly and felt his heart throbbing with a positively painful academic writing help uk excitement as they approached the shores that New World in which was try for a new career. doctor had been very friendly with him all the way over had kept aloof from the other passengers, and had spent most his leisure hours with Clement The nights were growing a little chilly, and few the passengers cared remain long deck but doctor and Clement tramped there for hours after the others had gone below.

One night they thus walked the deck and talked together, and doctor began contrasting the conditions under which Clement was seeking the New World with those under which himself had at such an age made a like adventure. His manner was especially encouraging Everything seemed against then, said and everything in your favour now. You ought feel very happy.

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I almost envy you your youth and your destiny.

But you have realised your destiny, Clement answered. You have made a name you are a man the time. I have all the struggle before and shall probably fail at least, added hastily, I shall probably fail in what I most would wish and what the good anything if a man has not his heart's desire? True enough, doctor said.

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Most have known that But I shouldn't think you would best essays writing service fail even in that He looked keenly into Clement's face for a moment I don't believe in forecasting people's destinies the fortuneteller's sense, that doctor went say, but I think a man who opens his eyes and watches quietly can tell in advance a good many things.

I think I could forecast your destiny easily enough. I don't know whether I should like have the curtain raised, even if could done. I afraid would something dismal see, and that if I have any gleam hope at all might put out doctor smiled and shook his head. I don't see the future for you in that light I can tell you one part your destiny, I think. I venture believe that you are destined return from America Oh, yes, said Clement Go all means. Tell Yes, I think you are destined come back from America, and Clement started and felt himself grow red, and turned his head I don't see how that prophecy thesis paper writing can fulfilled, said. You don't know, perhaps, that Miss Rowan has found a destiny I don't believe she will ever marry Marion, and I Marion the justice think that would never have allowed the girl throw herself away him. No take word for Hope, that your destiny, and a better destiny you could not have. Settle in America if you will, and found your colony there. I don't promise you much success in that way, but I think you would well stay in the States. best paper writing services After all, you will find research paper writer services there something in living in a place where no man cares what your father was, or your grandfather. It a silly feeling, perhaps, which makes one object a society where one man supposed better than another merely because a duke. But the feeling in the nature some and the cowardly dread being looked down upon as a person low birth has made many a man a mean and shameful act All things considered, I think you would well settle in America.