Portail du réseau de la santé et des services sociaux de la régionde la Capitale-Nationale

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Hearing that the distinguished naturalist Pallas, whom she had induced settle in St Petersburg, wanted sell his collection, she asked him name his price. Replying him, she wrote i need help with my persuasive essay Mr. Pallas knows natural history much better than figures ought have charged, instead 1, livres for many valuable articles. The Empress, however, takes upon herself correct his mistake, and hereby orders her treasurer pay.

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Mr. Pallas, however, appointed custodian the collection, as no one knows better than how rendet most useful mankind.

Truly, as Madame d'Epinay remarked, no one knew better than Catherine II.

the great art kings, that giving. Could anything, the way, more delicate and graceful thesis help services than the following need help in essay letter, which she sent with, silver roubles, and a box watches and other trinkets, the unfortunate report writing services prince Count d'Artois ? Your Royal Highness, the point your departure, no doubt desirous making some little presents the persons who have attended you during your stay here. But, Comte, as you know that I have prohibited all trade and communication with your unfortunate country, you would in vain endeavour procure these trifles in this city there are none now found in Russia except in cabinet I hope therefore that your Royal Highness will accept these from your affectionate friend, Catherine.

also founded and endowed a society for the promotion agriculture, need help writing college application essay and sent, at her own expense, several young men into England study farming.

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On their return they were settled a farm 1, acres, near Zarsko-Zelo, and thither theological students were sent, two from each college the empire, learn farming, that their appointment benefices they might able instruct their parishioners. Catherine invited colonists from Germany settle in Russia, giving them horses, cattle, implements, and lands, that research papers for sale cheap they might leaven their neighbourhood with higher ideas agriculture. Liberty worship God according the conviction their conscience was guaranteed the immigrants and when efforts were made bias her against the heretics, she exclaimed, need a ghostwriter Poor wretches ! since know they will suffer much and long in the world come, ought make their situation here help with essay papers as comfortable as possibly can.

The principle toleration s legal and administrative reforms, while they failed impress the popular imagination, were the crowning achievements her reign.

She cheapened the cost judicial procedure, and raised the judges above inevitable venality increasing their salaries. Gendemen, said she, the necessity your position may have made you corrupt before your country now pays your labours and what before may have been admitted as an excuse, henceforth will a crime. Catherine abolished the inhuman practice torture, and modified the rigours Russian and Siberian imprisonment. The codification the laws the empire was college research paper for sale an attempt evolve order out chaos. A parliament, composed representatives all ranks and tribes, was summoned St. Petersburg aid her in this Herculean task her long letter instructions the assembly one the most masterly state papers ever written. On reading the treatise, the great Frederick, who had learned from a bitter experience that paid better flatter and friendly with a frail and powerful Czarina than epigrammatic and derisive, wrote Catherine, No woman has hitherto been a legislatrix that glory was reserved for the Empress Russia, who well deserves Catherine's foreign policy was the hereditary policy the Czars since the days Peter the Great, foment discord in the territories the neighbouring potentates, get invited in the divine capacity peacemaker take the ruler under Russian patronage and protection and finally in the ripeness time annex his dominions. Because the rigorous necessities her situation, this policy will never abandoned till Russia has a line sea board commensurate the magnitude her territories and the wants her people. Constantinople the ntoon towards which every Russian sovereign reaches out his beseeching arms. said Catherine Charles Whitworth, the English ambassador, since the king your master resolved drive out St.