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He was regarded the English Catholics as the man above all others who could obtain redress for their grievances, if redress were possible. One evening was Saturday, October whilst Lord Mounteagle was at supper at his house at Hoxton, a letter was brought in him. It had been handed one the pages a man whose features were muffled with instructions deliver at once his master, as contained matters importance. The letter ran as follows My lord out the love i beare some youer friends i have a caer youer preservacion therefore i would advyse yowe as yowe tender youer lyf StaU Papers Domtstic, Examination Digby, December Keyel, Norember and Fawkes, November 1, 1. Examination Thos.

Winter, and Francis Tresham, November, 1. In these originals great care has been taken conceal the name Mounteagle.

In the examination Winter the name Mounteagle half scratched out and half pasted over with paper. In the examination Tresham his name hidden a slip paper being pasted over These are the only two examinations amongst the State Papers in which the name devyse some excuse shift youer attendance at this parleament for god and man hathe concurred punishe the wickednes this tyme and thinke not slightlye this advertisment but retyere youre self into youre countri wheare yowe maye expect the event in safti for thowghe theare no apparence anni stir yet i saye they shall recey a terrible blowe this parleament and yet they shall not seie who hurts them this councel not contemned because maye yowe good and can yowe no harme for the dangere passed as soon as you have burnt the letter and i hope god will give yowe the grace mak good use whose holy proteccion i commend yowe.

Buy sociology essays online

Who wrote this letter ? It has been attributed Mrs. Abington, the sister Lord Mounteagle, and wife Thomas Abington, Henlip, Worcestershire, one the most zealous the English Catholics. But the evidence possess help write essay online the subject distinctly states that neither Mr.

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Abington nor his wife were acquainted with the plot until informed its failure essay writer cheap Garnet, when they refused join the rising the Catholics.

The authorship this letter has also been ascribed Anne Vaux, the daughter Lord Vaux, and devoted friend Protestant scandal hints at a closer relationship Father Garnet but such a statement unsupported any testimony worthy credence.

There can little doubt, however, that the sender, if not the writer, the letter was Francis TreshanL Everything points him out as the culprit.

He was known treacherous and unprinci led had always been a lukewarm adherent the plot, and was ever regarded with suspicion his colleagues had expressed himself most anxious save the life Mounteagle latterly had been absent from the proceedings the conspirators and the failure the plot was treated with suspicious leniency the Government. At the same time, hardly credited that this letter was the first intimation either Mounteagle or the Council obtained the existence such a conspiracy. No one not in the secret could guess from its contents what was about occur was, as Lord Salisbury expressed too loose an advertisement for any wise man take alarm and absent himself from Parliament. There can little doubt but that the Government were well accjuainted throughout with the movements the conspirators, and that they made use Tresham's disclosure simply, as Father write my admission essay Greenway suggests, hide the true source from which their information had been derived. The probable solution the discovery This letter amongst the Gunpcrwder Plot Papers, It written in Roman hand, without dissertation literature review capital letters or punctuation. It addressed To the right Stau Papersy Domestic. Examination Edward Oldcome, edieu Hfil, as follows The English Jesuits at Rome were well aware the existence the plot the French spies at Rome heard and communicated their government then France, fearful cheap custom essay writing services lest the fate James and the success the conspirators should place England in the power Spain, secretly informed the Council what was in store for them. In the Memoirs the Duke Sully there are frequent allusions the sudden blow which the Catholics are preparing against England. A recent discovery confirms this view. Among the Cecil Papers, lately examined at Hatfield, there this letter, which lacks both signature and address Who evar finds this box letars let him carry the King's Majesty Master litel thinks I know this, but in rydinge with him that browt the letar Master a Katholyk gentleman's hows anward his way into Lincolnshire told all his purpose and what ment and being a priest absolved and made swear never reveal any man.