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I must, I will see her to-night, if it's only for a minute.

It was not easy a task as had told himself and, as descended the cliff towards where, a separate little eminence cut off from the main cliff a deep rift, the Fort stood, noted for the first time that was bathed in the soft yellow moonlight which rose This checked him for the moment, till occurred him that though the moon shone brightly in parts, there were plenty spots where could approach the place in the deep shadows and taking advantage the clumps furze, and the ragged, stunted pines, which had obtained a foothold for their precarious existence here and there, crept and selecting the narrow little gully for his course, down which gurgled the tiny spring which It's easy enough, muttered Chris, as lowered himself down here, clung a rock there, and managed all the time keep in the shadow till was at the end the gully, where opened the moat, beyond which, and about fifty yards away, rose the fantastic, granite-built home the woman loved.

There was the moat cross, and, beyond, the massive wall, beyond which again was the well-planted garden, with its southern wall covered with well-trained fruit trees. It was for this part the garden that Chris Lisle aimed, with every step the way bringing online writers old remembrances boy and girl life, and the hours had spent in the grounds with And will again, muttered.

I After a glance or two at the back the house, which was facing, took hold one the pendant boughs overhanging the moat, stepped the very edge, and then It was deeper than had anticipated, rising at once his middle, and paused for a moment, wondering whether should have swim but fortunately, as advanced, the depth was only increased a few inches, and in a few seconds had waded across, and was half dragging himself the ivy, half climbing the foot the wall, where, without thinking what was doing, stood for a time drain, the clear stream water trickling down, and forming a pool beneath All seemed still, and crept through the abundant ivy where a huge, massive buttress sloped down from the top the wall the rock, where the architect had studied the strength his T ork as regarded the attacks time, and not those men who had designs upon the wealth Gartram would not trust in the banks.

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This buttress, when first built, might have been climbed an active boy, while now, was densely coated with the ivy many years growth that Chris had no difficulty in making his way the top the wall, where lay down for a few moments reconnoitre, and, finding all still, had only make use the trunk a pear-tree, whose horizontally trained bows were as easy He felt perfectly determined, but, all thesame, a sensation shame, mingled with dread, assailed him as thought how contemptible a figure would cut if were discovered.

That was but a momentary thought, chased away the recollection that was once more within the walls which held the woman loved and, perfectly best websites for essays familiar with every foot the ground, soon crossed the rather open part devoted fruit-growing, and made his way the shrubs surrounding the upper Here there were plenty shadowy spots, among which crept till was brought a standstill the sound steps coming along the terrace walk, and recognised the voices at once as those Gartram and Doctor Asher.

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The hot blood flushed the young man's face If stayed there, would forced play the eavesdropper and for the second reason, Gartram and the doctor being together, in all probability, meant that Glyddyr had been left alone with Claude. At the risk being heard, drew help with a thesis statement back among the bushes, and crept slowly away, the voices seeming follow him as made from the side the back the house, and then in and out among the trees till was right the other side, where a light shone out from the drawing-room windows, and where, a little manoeuvring, was able look in. His heart beat faster as caught sight a black coat and the bright dress Claude. It was just as thought and, unable contain himself, was about cross the narrow patch lawn, and make straight for the room, when a female figure passed the window, and recognised Mary Dillon. He drew a catching breath, full relief, Thank heaven ! they were not alone.

Still, there seemed no opportunity for a word with Claude, and have done what felt would like boldly in and speak her would only mean a scene with her father, and pain her.

There was nothing for but wait, and remained there hidden, with his eyes fixed upon the window, and seeing, if could not hear, He heard, though, the doctor's step, and knew when left, his heart beating fast as This was his opportunity, and cautiously approached the window, meaning risk all, and tap upon the pane, but before put his plan into effect the door re-opened, and Glyddyr returned, sending Chris back among the bushes, where, unable bear the sight his rival in Claude's dissertation consultant uk presence, playing the part the accepted lover, stole off, intending make his way round the other side the house, hoping that research paper helper Gartram might this time following out a custom perfectly familiar Chris, and having his after-dinner nap.

By means a little scheming contrived get down among the bushes below the terrace in front the study, but was no homework help writing easy task, for the cliff, in whose interstices the bushes were placed, sloped rapidly down here, and a false step or slip would have meant a Accustomed rough climbing, though, as was, did not hesitate, and raising himself till could look over the edge, was in time see the study door open, and Sarah It was a little disappointing, for at the first glimpse the woman's dress thought was Claude and, in utter ignorance the fact that his opportunity had come, and that the ladies were now alone in the drawingroom, remained watching for a time, and then crept slowly back, wishing that had had the foresight bring a note, for, had borne one, could easily have contrived send with a pebble inside, through Claude's Low spirited and despondent, ready take himself task for coming upon mad an expedition, made his way cautiously back towards the garden, hesitating still as whether should away, or wait about the chance getting a word with Claude.

Common sense and manly pride advocated the return, but there was the natural desire see the woman loved, even if were playing the part a spy and with a sigh crept from bush bush, keeping well in the shadow, till once more was within range the drawing-room window, and in website writes essays for you the act parting two boughs gaze between, when there was a rustling sound, a strong hand held him the collar, another grasped his wrist, and a rve got you, have I? What are you Stung the quick shame and annoyance, Chris swung himself back make a desperate leap and escape feeling that had been discovered Gartram, and like a flash the degradation and bitterness what was come seemed blaze through his brain. But there a good old saying Look before Chris Lisle did not look before leapt, and the consequence was that went with a crash in among the elastic boughs a short sturdy Weymouth pine, and was thrown back Oh, no you don't, rang in his ears, as was borne the ground, falling back the grass with his face right out in the moonlight. You, Brime ! whispered Chris huskily, as the hands were taken from his collar, and struggled stand facing the gardener. Why, if I didn't think was one them young dogs from down the harbour after the fruit. They've got a dinner party and I come out the house and ketched sight you. I beg your pardon, I didn't know Hush ! Don't talk loud. No, I was not asked, Brime, but that I thought rd I was looking at the drawing-room I understand, sir. I see, but how did Don't don't ask questions, man. I there, for heaven's sake, hold your tongue. Take this.