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About two years ago I had the pleasure mspecting a portion paraphrasing powerpoint the Uteraiy tieasiiies at Blenheim, and I calculated that in one small case there were books which, if sold at the prices realised at the Roxbmgh sale would produce a sum almost fabulous.

The catalogue the first portion the library, including letters A and and about half Q before From inspection this, I conclude that antidpations were too sanguine. Five leaves are missing from the Valdaifer Boccaccio Venice, 1 1, a work which in the Roxburgh sale went for the sum, These and other deficiencies will, I suppose prevent the volume from fetching a similar amount, even though as said, nearly an inch taller and wider than the Roxbargfa copy. paraphrasing shakespeare More than one other book extreme rarity describbl as defective.

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Still, there are some noble books, many them altogether unique, and dissertation thesis writing the result the next ten days sale will doubtless furnish bibliographers with a new point departure. Probable Profits the Sunderland Sale.

IT unsafe and unwise prophesy near the event I will rash enough, however, coursework consultancy service predict that whole classes books will sell for sums which, beside those previously given, will appear insignificant. The death a Rothschild following upon that a Huth, evil omen.

buy research papers As yet no younger man has sprung. fill the gaps left these princely collectors, and the fisw buyers the most costly books are now middle-aged or elderly men whose days enthusiasm are over. The taste for early editions the classics a thing the past and though the copies vellum great typographical rarities will always provoke competiticm, ordi nary classics from the great presses Venice, Florence, and other cities are in no such demand as where to buy college papers formerly existed To leave myself a loop-hole escape, however, I will say that an occasion like the present well calculated revive or even create a taste. Men are constantly led website content writing away impulses difficult explain, and a madness competition as well known students human nature as the madness fight with which, indeed, nearly allied. By the close the sixth day's sale the result will declared, and the value the entire collection may estimated stood amidst its woods, some way out the village that bore It was July, and had rained incessantly, not for a day or two, not with cheery intervals between the showers, not with an occasional streak sunshine jovially pushing aside Heaven's door, just assure the world that all was right, and dry weather would come yet, but dismally, doggedly, sullenly for a whole week together. It was still raining. Outside the teau a trackless, uncharted sea mud spread, in which stood crest-fallen trees, spiritless hedges, and pallid flowers.

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Over the birds flew dejectedly, low-spirited horses ploughed through and'some cows stood mid-leg deep in regardless consequences.

It was a limp world, that had lost all pluck and show bravery under the drip drip scolding the rain. Inside the chiteau, the company was assembled in the hall round the log fire that burnt in the deep hearth. It was a handsome apartment, hung with sober tapestries and furnished with splendid old oak. Mademoiselle Ang Say, the young telaine, was wont draw a vivid and gloomy picture the chateau her friends in Paris, painting as a sombre abode, buried in the woods, with a sinister northern tower haunted a ghost but was, in truth, a fine mansion no great antiquity. It was roomy, commodious, and bore in its exterior and interior arrangements the stamp a certain stateliness and fine taste. Whatever may have been the sombre colours in which was the young lady's fancy top professional resume writing services paint Chateau Jouy her friends, certain that when she came the place was transfonned iDto an enchanted residence, a summer palace, a centre movement and gaiety. She filled with her Parisian friends.