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Cleistogamous flowers likewise tend economise pollen. Whilst pollen-grains may serve the purpose close or selffertilisation in Oxalis, or even 1 grains in some violets, three-anda-half million grains may produced in the insect-fertilised flowers the peony, and many millions in the case wind-fertilised flowers, whose pollen, like that the firs, has distributed over There appears, therefore, a proportion plants in which the existence stamens and pistil in the same flower the normal condition matters in ordinary plants meant and does secure the fertihsation the ovules the flower's own poUen. Why, then, seeing that the presence correlated stamens and pistib in each flower appears a common condition plant life, assume that not self-fertilisation but the opposite process crossfertilisation the rule natiure ? The reply this query involves more than one important consideration. Let tniefly endeavour find a convenient starting-point in the familiar flower which Peter Bell despised, and which, minds utilitarian type amongst ourselves, need help writing essay but a primrose still, and nothing more. If study the structure the primroses may gather in a bed these flowers, will found that the blossoms obtained from one set plants will yzry in certain respects from the flowers the other and neighbouring plants. There no diflerence in pearance or in outward aspect between the primroses, because the difierences referred merely afiect the position the stamens and the length umi dissertation services the or neck the pistil in each variety.

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But may readily discover that, selecting any one primrose plant, all the flowers that plant will either long-styled A or shortstyled, and will not exhibit a mixture the two arieties.

The two kinds flowers, says Mr.

Darwin, speaking the long and short-styled cowslips, which form a dosely allied species the primroses, are never found the same individual plant and also remarks that has never met with any transitional states between the two forms growing in a state nature. The cowslips and other allies the primrose exhibit a like disposition parts. Thus, when slit one the primroses longwise, see that the stamens are placed high the petals or near the top the corolla, and the style comparatively short In the other ariet research papers on best buy a, the stamens are placed far down iiin the tube the corolla, whilst the style long that Uie appears block the entrance Uiat tob and 1 the help with english writing top the petals. i need someone to write my research paper Thus speak shoit-stjled long-styled a flowers in primrose and in all other pfamls in which these conditions occur whilst, popularly, the short-styled forms are called thrum-eyed, and the long-styled ones pin-eyed. Such a disposition stamens and pistil also occurs in Pulmonaria officinalis in Linum permne and in other plants, which are hence called Dimorphic Le.

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having two forms flower. And in some plants e,g, Oxalis and the Spiked Loosestrife or Lythrum Saiicaria three varieties flowers are known, and these latter are named Returning our primroses, find that the pollen grains the two forms flower differ in size.

Those the long-styled primroses a are smaller than those the short-styled flowers. Mr. Darwin remarks the poUen-grains the latter flowers, that before they were soaked in water, they were decidedly broader, in proportion their length, than those from the long-styled after being soaked, they were relatively free writing help online those from the long-styled as 1 1 in diameter, and more transparent.

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Darwin also compared these two forms flowers in other respects. He found that the seeds the short-styled flowers weighed exactly twice as much as those from an equal number long-styled plants, the short-styled being the more productive the two forms. As final facts concerning the differences between the two varieties, may noted that the stigma or head the pistil in the long-styled form more distinctly globular and roughened its surface than that the short-styled primroses whilst the stigma in each form stands nearly, but not quite, a level with the anthers the opposite variety. What can affirmed, as a matter observation, the meaning and purpose this diverse arrangement stamens and pistils in these plants? Meaning must have, and that one which closely bound with the history the species. So was found, when, through Darwin's researches, contributed the Linnaean Societ Transactions in 1, was clearly demonstrated that the arrangement in question had reference the cross-fertilisation the primroses and all other plants in which a like diversity structure was found. Mr.