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Politique linguistique du Québec – Secrétariat à la politique linguistique

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The letter H, Hebrew He, Egyptian Ha, the sign breath, as a Soul Life, but as the hieroglyphics show, even the breath that first signified was not human. The earliest typical breather an animal. help write essay online The panting lion imaged the likeness the solar force and the breath the breeze at dawn, as an ideographic zootype this especial Naturepower.

On the line upward ascent the lion was given the god Shu, the Egyptian Mars. On the line descent the ideographic type passes finally into the alphabet for common everyday use as the letter H.

The supremacy the lion amongst animals had made a figure firstness.

essays on service And in the reduced form the hieroglyphics the forepart the lion remained the sign the word Ha, which denotes priority. The essence all that first and foremost may thought in this likeness the lion.

Amongst the natural zootypes which served at first as ideographs that were afterwards reduced the value letters in the final phonetic phase, see that beast, bird, fish, and reptile were continued until the written superseded the painted alphabet. These pictorial signs, as Egyptian, include The zootypes serve show the only ground which a divine origin could have been ascribed language account the prehuman and superhuman sounds. masters dissertation writers Several these are representative Powers in nature that were divinized. They uttered the sounds which they were self named, and thus the Language Animals might become the language the Gods. The zootype Apt the Roarer was the Hippopotamus, and Apt Ombos was the Living Word.

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The zootype Taht, as God Speech and Writing, was the Clicking Ape. A zootype the nocturnal Sun as Atum-Ra was the Ass. The Goose that said Su was a zootype Seb the God Earth. Ka the Egyptian name for the Frog this was obviously self conferred the call the animal, and the Frog was made a zootype Power divinized in Ptah the God Transformation and It obvious that Homo in making his gestures either continued or imitated sounds that were already extant in the animal world, such as the clicks the Cynocephalus, and other sounds which can identified with their zootypes, the animals that uttered the sounds before man had come into being.

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We know that monkeys have an uncontrollable horror snakes, and no doubt primitive expert assignment writers man had a similar feeling.

Now, supposing the best writing services primitive man in a difficulty wished warn his fellows the presence a snake, and had no words convey the essay helper app warning with, what would do? What could but make use the imitative faculty which possessed in common with the ape? help writing a compare and contrast essay He would try utter some signal warning in an imitative manner! The sound would have self-defining i.e. a snake-sound for a snake. It usually said that snakes hiss. But the Africans represent them as puffing and blowing rather than hissing, as have expressed in the name the puff-adder. When the snake swelled and distended itself, reared and puffed, made the sound which constituted its own audible sign and the human being would naturally repeat that sound as his note warning anyone in danger. The apes will much, for they will swell and puff and thrust out the mouth, expel their breath and spit at sight the snake. This representative sound turned who needs to write a thesis into a note warning would in time accompanied dissertation binding service a gesture that portrayed the eye some visible likeness the thing signified the sound.