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The true basin that the rock upon which the sand resting, the depth which unknown though known that rivers some magnitude flow down this sand and entirely disappear. A glance at any good map will show the general depression, or basin like character, this region, for the numerous lakes, locally designated Shotts as Shott Melah, Shott Melrhir, all receive the waters rivers flowing into them from all sides, the inflow which balanced the evaporation from the extended surface the lakes. This evaporation, continuously concentrating whatever soluble mineral matter the rivers may bring down with them, finally renders the waters the lakes highly saline, even more A report recently presented Roudaire the Minister Public Instruction states that a canal may, without much difficulty, cut through the natural barrier which separates the Mediterranean from this depression for instead being composed hard rock, as was supposed, this narrow strip land the Seuil Gabes composed clay, marl, sand, and chalk. As a scientific experiment, quite apart from its commercial and political importance, the project intensely interesting. If the depressed area as great as estimated, the covering with water would probably have a great effect the climate a large part Europe, as well as upon that the whole North Africa.

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As the great, dry, sandy desert, with an area exceeding that all the countries Europe excepting Russia, acting as a meteorological furnace upon Egypt, Algiers, Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, and through them upon France and England.

The Scirocco, or scorching summer and autumn wind, that materially affects the climates all these countries, a product the great African desert.

The action such a desert depends mainly the fji that rays the sun pass through the earth's atmosphere with but very little direct-heating effect upon but when they strike a solid surface capable absorbing them, this surface becomes heated and communicates its temperature the air essay services reviews in contact with This film heated air rises and flows away, giving place cooler air from around, and thus a continuous outflow an upper current hot air spreads all around from such a region, aflecting the climate an area far beyond its own limits.

Where there water or vegetation the solar heat more or less, employed in evaporation, or the dissociation carbonic acid and water into their elements, and thus but partially manifested as temperature.

If a portion this vast arid surface were covered or saturated with water, its hot blasts would suppressed, and vapour-laden air would supply their place. Such an atmosphere would speedily cover the surroundings the new Mediterranean with luxuriant vegetation, which, in its turn, would absorb the solar rays and exhale more moisture, thus extending the cooler area far beyond the actually Besides this, a new rainfall would come upon all the surrounding country, which would increase the area the other inland lakes above the level the direct inundation. This increase would effiected a double action first, the swelling their tributary rivers the increased rainfall and second, a diminution their evaporation the increased moisture the atmosphere above them.

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Quite apart help with assignment writing from political considerations, desirable that France should acquire sufficient control over the Tunisian region able carry out this grand project, which may practically and profitably done, provided the revenues created the fertilising the land surrounding this new Mediterranean are devoted repaying the cost cutting the canal, which must have a considerable width and depth in order carry the very large quantity water that will demanded compensate the evaporation from the flooded surface. Such a conquest the desert a scientific and industrial invasion Africa would an achievement truly glorious incoml arably more honourable France professional article writing services than all the victories she has ever gained aid devastating armies.

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THE temptation discuss the opening addresses the general and sectional Presidents the British Association very pressing but I abstain, as they are now freely printed, both in abstract and extenso, in our daily newspapers, and are therefore Nevertheless, I cannot abstain from a few comments the address John Lubbock, just whet the appetite those who The conquests physical science are thrust upon our notice their wonder-working applications those biological science commonly remain only visible the specialist. But this branch science has made greater strides during the last thirty years than any other. It has, in fact, become a new science since the publication Darwin's immortal work in 1.

A new name was needed for the new science, which includes all that was formerly treated under zoology, botany, and human and comparative physiology. Biology, or The Science Life, satisfactorily supplies this The tracing the ancestry and development species i,e, the natural laws the creation living beings the study the germ growth the individual the key-stone this new The theological resistance the great truths enunciated Darwin, Wallace, and Spencer worthy note. It was violent enough at first, but now, after a lapse but thirty years, practically vanquished. The Copernican system had a struggle nearly two centuries before overwhelmed this barrier truth, and modern geology struggled for nearly a century before its demonstrations the antiquity the earth ceased regarded as irreligious. We are all beginning now understand that true writing paper services science necessity a divine revelation that nothing but error can possibly dangerous and that any antagonism between science and religion can only exist when one or other has enunciated a false doctrine. The numerical proofs the progress biological dissertation research consultant observation stated in the address are very striking. Thus, 1 1 the total number species animals known naturalists was, now the number increased. Considering that the, 1 1 included all that the researches mankind that date had revealed, the addition during the last fifty years marvellous.