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He declared that after the flight the conspirators had been sent Garnet with a letter from Everard Digby, asking advice from the priest that Garnet read the letter aloud in the presence Bates, and Greenway coming into the room, cried, They would have blown the Parliament House, and were discovered, and are utterly thesis statement homework help undone that Greenway then said, There was no jtarrying for himself and Garnet and that they conferred together, meditating flight. These confessions obtained every credence from the Council, and a proclamation was issued for the apprehension Greenway and Garnet, with other Jesuit priests, whilst a sweeping bill attainder was introduced into Parliament confiscating the property various suspected Catholics.

Greenway and Gerard numaged effect their escape the Continent, but Garnet, who was in hiding at Handlip Hall, the seat Mr. Abington, failed defeat the strict search made Henry Bromley throughout the mansion, and was captured in a cell, having been for days half-starved, and looking, as said, more like a ghost than a man.

He was conveyed London, lodged in the Gatehouse, and in a few days was brought before the Privy Council.

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His examination was more searching and more frequent than that any the other conspirators.

At online essay proofreader first Garnet declared that had no knowledge the plot, and refused inculpate any his colleagues but as saw the evidence against him becoming more and more difficult rebut, ended imparting his judges the true nature his position. Briefly, the substance examinations was that had derived his knowledge the plot from State Papers Donustic, Exambation Thos. Bates.

December, 1.

His examinations and declarations amongst the State Papers are Febnury 1 March, 1, 1, 1, April, and, 1.

The report his conversations with Hall, which were overheard, mba essay services February tii, and March, 1 and as his letters which were intercepted, March and, and April, and 1, 1, Catesby.

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and Greenway under the seal sacramental confession, that in religion and conscience his lips were entirely closed.

He was brought trial March, 1, and charged with compassing the death the King and the Heir Apparent, doctoral dissertation writing and with a design subvert the government and the true worship God established in England, excite rebellion against the King, procure foreigners invade the realm, and levy war against the King.

He defended himself with courage and ability, but the jury, after a deliberation but a quarter an hour, returned a verdict guilty, and was sentenced hanged, drawn, and quartered. During the interval that was now elapse between the sentence and the execution, the condemned man occupied himself in justifying the theory equivocation, and in admitting the heinous character the crime for which was about suffer. I have written a detestation that action for the King see, says in iHie his intercepted letters his devoted friend Anne Vau and I acknowlec myself not die a victorious martyr, but a penitent thief, as I hope I shall and will I say at the execu tion, whatever others have said or held before The following day sent the council, for the perusal the King, his detestation that action. In this document freely protested that held the late intention the powder action have been altogether unlawful and most horrible acknowledged that was bound reveal all knowledge that had this or any other treason out the sacrament confession and whereas, partly upon hope prevention, partly for that I would not betray friend, I did not reveal the general knowledge Mr. Catesby's intention which I had him, I acknowledge myself highly guilty have offended the King's Majesty and estate, and humbly ask all forgiveness. He concluded exhorting all Catholics not follow his example, and trusted that the King would not visit upon them the burden his crimes. He was executed May, 1, a gibbet erected in The defence Garnet has given rise much controversy. It has been said those learned in the lore the Roman hospital, that even from his own point view was not justified in keeping secret a disclosure a need help with essay paper help essays criminal nature, in spite his knowledge having been obtained under the seal confession. Martin Delrius, SUOe Papers Domestic, April, 1. Indorsed Wm. Waad, Garnet Mrs Vaulx, published after his death her and the Jesuytes.