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An expression disappointment showed itself the various faces, and for a moment rebellion was threatened, but Ang insisted that her painter should obeyed. We can talk, she said, Monsieur Chfevres. We may question Monsieur Coic He may perhaps tell some his experiences as a portrait painter. Certainly and I have experience, answered Pbre Coic, with humble vanity.

Listening talk gives animation the face the sitter. Monsieur Maire talked all the time. And for twenty years you have been taking portraits about here, good man, began Monsieur Chbvres, in his quality Yes, Monsieur, for twenty years, more or less.

They have come for miles about Jouy It always, Take portrait, P Coic that's how ihey call Then the next question How shall I sit ? They always ask that For the men, the front pose that the one that suits them, for if they have a chain, or a pin, or shirt-stud, you can also show them off like that Like Monsieur Maire's dudn, said Monmnr CSilbrm, sweeping his hand across his chest That was a mtt that chain unmitigated chrome yellow, every link You are very good. Monsieur but, if I writing research paper service may say every one admired that chain was the marvel the ndghbamhood Then for the ladies. The fose they like the attitude Mademoiadle college essay services But the grocer's wife she, for instance her ase was wdl in front put in Monsieur Beaumont, when the stifled langhter Ah, yes, that one was. You see. Monsieur, some Hke have their whole face painted their two eyes, and the two comers their mouth while in this pose you see only one eye and a bit the other. That's the objection They like have the worth their money, said Moosmur That's I that's ! exclaimed the artist, jmniiig in the laugh that went round.

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Pi Coic had never felt more at his ease. His heart expanded towards these kind and pleasant fdk.

He painted rapidly, laying his colour in even sweeps, as if were tinting a door panel, with his head one side judge the effect his work. When left the best college application essay service chiteau was happy.

He walked over tiie mod as if wings grew at his heels.

A grotesque smile happiness twisted his lips. As for Angble, she appeared beautiful him that even in thought felt afraid raise his eyes hen and as dissertation ghostwriter went muttered himself, Comme elk est beUel amme dkaihdUi and I who chosen present her canvas die worid 1 The next day the rain was still falling, but the painter was punctual at his post There were traces spedal adonunent in his apparel an extra tinge shininess discernible in his threadbare coat, and wore a plaid neck-tie had bou at the village fiur in his hand carried a nosegay homely flowers, wet witih the rain, which, shuffling with a bow clumsy gallantry, presented Ang There was a blundering shyness in his address. She seemed press release writing services him even more beautiful than she had done the day before, and felt afraid look at her. Again pedtiooed that his picture should not looked at that day, and Ang oidered that should obeyed. She took him under her protection, she was very kind him, she flattered him managed him with such achnirable tact that his heart uncoiled like a snail out its shell after rain. After a while his tongue loosened. Hie poor artist chattered himself life had been hard at the fint atait tiie neighbours had not appreciated him and, with a contraction his features that did duty for a smile, rubbed his chest and said But now the neighbours look you as much as they Monsieur Maire ? said Angble.