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Though making no pretension scientiflc knowledge, I accept with complete respect the assertion science, that ghostly visitations are impossible, and I receive as becomes a man epoch any wildest theory that does away with the necessity believing in anything outside the range scientific observation.

While the subject ghosts, however, attracting attention, I will offer a nut for our scientists, cracL For obvious reasons, I compelled omit names.

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The wife one our most distinguished scientific men I use the term most distinguished advisedly, since the reputation the man in question cosmopolitan saw nightly an old man seated in an armchair near the fireplace in her bedroom.

Being thoroughly imbued with her husband's views upon scientific subjects, she held her peace, and tried with partial success convince herself that was a delusion.

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I simply advance this as a fact, and leave others NEXT a genuine dramatic gift, the possession which leads straight fortune, if not fame, the kind literary talent most in request at present seems that writing songs suitable music.

I know most our leading musicians, and their anxiety get hold verses that are capable being set ballad tunes extreme. A special order gift necessary the production this class work. As a rule, the best poetry the least susceptible being edded music Very little Shakespeare, except the portions written expressly for music nothing Milton, and next nothing Shelley, Wordsworth, Swinburne, and other masters the lyre, seems suited the purposes the musicians.

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Bums's songs, which are the best in their way, were, must remembered, written expressly the airs which they are sung.

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Allan Cunningham, Thomas Moore, and other minstrels an inferior order, supplied a large number songs that have been set music.

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