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As rest in the porch waiting for the preparation our simple fare, resume our listening Mr. Gray, while relates what very surprising.

Opposite where are sitting a grand western landscape, rich as Kent can supply. There with the landscape a glorious skyscape, business writing service clouds forming the most wondrous abodes for gods and men while gilding all the scene the setting sun, red and round, and subdued in light that the eye can rest Wc speak the sun, and thereupon Gray tells the spots which has seen that fair surface.

He explains that June the 1, between four and five in the afternoon, discovered a spot in the following manner In his observations at Canterbury placed a sheet white paper far behind a six-foot telescope as give an image the sun nine inches diameter, and detected a spot in the lower right hand quadrant the sun's disk was almost round, and its diameter was ten or twelve seconds.

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A little before sunset saw again with a sixteen-foot glass, and seemed surrounded a mist. He saw the spot once more the i and the same month, and later in the month saw more spots.

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minutes seconds. And now our repast, a good, serviceable, simple old English supper, the further merits which need not recorded.

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