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Towards the close her life she was much swollen with a dropsy which the skill her physicians finding a ghostwriter could not abate.

Struck down with apoplexy the floor her closet, she lay for the better part two dajrs in a state insensibility the evening the second day she seemed revive was the last flicker the lamp life and then, says one ill-disposed gossiper, with a lamentable shriek, which was heard in the neighbouring apartments, she died the shriek being a fiction the narrator, designed insinuate his conviction that she felt and recoiled from the tightening clutch the enemy The following character in doggerel occurs in a letter Voltaire written the Prussian royal poetaster, Frederick the Yes, with the old hermit I admire To fame vast. She, small or great, Provides, ordains, assumes, or grants Nor asks for aid, for none she wants. I there endeavoured show that the excessive cold which suffered in England last winter was a result increased solar activity, and a consequent higher mean temperature the earth's surface and atmosphere, and explained this apparent paradox as due an exaggeration the usual interchange the tropical and Arctic The great movements our atmosphere setting aside the minor disturbances consist in an upper flow heated air from the tropics towards the poles, and a lower flow cold air from the polar towards the tropical regions.

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The trade winds are a portion the latter.

We are in the region the variables, i.e.

where the tropical winds have been sufficiently cooled sometimes graze the earth and thus contend with the Arctic flow. Such being the case, an excessive general heating the air may carry more hot air northward over our heads and cause a greater quantity cold northern air flow upon the surface at our latitudes for must remembered that r.ese atmospheric currents are due the differences temperature, not absolute heat, and that the supposed greater sun-heat would have but regions, bgiog largely used in doing the work thawing.

Recent intelligence confirms speculations. The whaling vessels bring intelligence an extraordinary movement the pack-ice in the Arctic seas, which was taking place at about the time I was writing.

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