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The bro kites, big hawks, and impudent crows soaring and settling the beach in increasing force informed that the men had not returned that morning without a prize and when stepped out the dingy upon the hard surf-varnished sand, found two carcasses dugong already skinned and stripped their flesh, and one specimen, estimated weigh close upon half a ton, lying high and this time dry, awaiting chopper and knife. Now I could understand why one person had told the dugong was like a whale another, that resembled a seal a third, that was not unlike a porpoise.

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The animal was in some essay helper app sense a reminder them all, but really not compared with either.

It was perhaps likest a seal elephantine proportions, and a baby dugong that had been taken from one the prizes over which the carrion birds were fighting and squabbling, and that had been kept for despatch in spirits P ngland, would very well pass for a member the seal family.

A tour round the mature specimen had twice repeated before I could see way a clear comprehension its points. Its dull brown body was like a larg cylinder, tapering off towards the head and great paddle-shaped tail. Ears there were none speak o£ The eyes were tiny and three parts buried. The two flipi ers, considering the size the animal, were remarkably small.

The most prominent feature was the head, which terminated in a solid squarecut upper lip that warranted its comparison with a bullock.

Being a female dugong, there were neither teeih nor tusks in the upper jaw, but a couple small tusks good ivory had been tliat morning taken from one the bulls already operated upon. The inside the mouth was lined with a rough apparatus, like a wom-down scrubbing-brush.

The dugong, in short, a vegetarian the strictest order, and the stomach our dead friend contained an immense quantity vegetation cropped during the night i need help writing a paper from the bottom the sea.

It was the most curious example the ruminating website that will write a paper for you mammal I had ever seen. The skin was bare and slightly wrinkled, though at a distance appeared quite smooth.

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The opinion once prevailed that these representatives the ancient sirens and mermaids must classed amongst the whales but modern science, through the patriarchal Owen, thus pronounces l'he whole the internal structure in the herbivorous Cetacea differs as widely from that the carnivorous Cetacea as their habits the amount variation as great as well could in animals the same class existing in the same great deep The junction the dugongs and manatees vith the true whales cannot, therefore, admitted in a distribution animals according their organisation. With much superficial resemblance, they have little real or organic resemblance the walrus, which exhibits an extreme modification the amphibious carnivorous type. I conclude, therefore, that the dugong and its congeners must either form a group apart, or custom essay meister review poined with the pachyderms, with which the herbivorous Looking at the raw, reeking hides the recent captures spread out upon the coarse grass the Stradbroke shore, I could but speculate upon the curious theory which some one had propounded, that the Israelites were ordered veil the sacred tabernacle with this description skin. When I first read that Ruppel had conceived the idea strongly as feel warranted in embodying in the nomenclature natural history, I turned the ornate but singularly minute account the component parts the tabernacle found in the Book Exodus. There, strictly catalogued, have the inner curtains fine-twined blue, purple, and scarlet linen, and goat's hair, and badgers skins cover the pavilion, together with automatic essay writer the splendid veil concealing the holy holies from the online essay helper vulgar gaze. But I could discover no room for a dugong hide. Josephus certainly states that the richly figured and embroidered veil forming the entrance the tabernacle was protected from sun, wind, and rain a coarser hanging, occasionally drawn aside or rolled Very questionable, however, whether even this was dugong leather. These hides the Halicore ausiralis were an inch thick, and this not at all an unusual thickness. Of all the members the order which the dugong belongs, including, course, the Red Sea variety, may said without fear contradiction that they are not a thin-skinned race, nor the kind purveyor which you would for a graceful hanging for a pavilion entrance. Still, there are many practical uses which dugong hide may applied in modem days, and for machinery there nothing preferred before When the dugong was hauled the sandy slope, a line was cut down the belly and the cheap custom essay papers skin taken off in one piece, and spread out used as a receptacle for the meat as was hewn from the carcass. As happened a fair-sized skin, required two men carry We were afterwards shown a hide that was an inch and a half thick at the back, though the thickness had gradually diminished towards the under part the body.