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The subject, however, has various aspects. The term has many meanings which have determined their types. Many years ago the present writer sought show that Totemism, Mythology, Fetishism, and the hieroglyphic system did not originate in separate systems thought and expression, as Totemism, Tattoo and Fetishism any modern ism sets for itself, but that these had a common rootage in Sign-language, which they are various essay cheap modes or forms.

Totemism originated in Sign-language rather than in Sociology, the Signs being afterwards applied for use in Sociology as they were in Mythology and Fetishism. The name Totem supposed have originated in the language the North American Indians.

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best thesis writing service The word Totem exists in the Ojibway language for a sign, a symbol, mark, or device the buy essay cheap online group, Gens, or Tribe. The Rev. Peter Jones, an Ojibway, spells the word Toodaim. Francis Assikinack, an Ottawa Indian, renders Ododam. The Abbe Thavenet, quoting from the Algonkin language, gives nind Otem for tribe, and kit Otem for thy tribe. The root the word as here rendered Tern or Dem. The name and things thus denoted are found universal for a group, a gathering, can i pay someone to write my research paper a collection, a total persons, animals, huts or houses.

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The Magar Thum the Phratry or Clan, which there were twelve altogether.

The Attic township best essay writing website was called a Dem. The Sanskrit Dama the home online college writing help Greek Domos, Latin Domus, Sclavonic Domu, English Dome.

Itembe the dome the roof in Niamwezi.

In Zulu the Tumu an assemblage.

proofreading essay In Maori, the Tamene a collection people.

Also the Toma a cemetery like the Scottish Tom, and the Tumuli where the custom made essays dead were gathered together. writing a doctoral thesis Tomo, in archaic Japanese, denotes a gathering persons who are companions. In Assyrian, likewise, the Timi write my report online are the companions. essay help introduction As usual in the present work, turn Egypt see what the great Mother Civilisation has say concerning the Tw i Tom in Coptic signified joining together as in the Tern. The word Tern has various applications in Egyptian. It signifies Man, Mankind, Mortals, also unite, entire or perfect. Moreover, a name for those who are created persons, as in making young men and young women in the Totemic ceremonies, which more hereafter.